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Ableton Live Workshop @Art & Maker Hamburg

Ich freue mich im Rahmen des Events Arts & Maker einen Workshop zum Thema Ableton Live und Produktion im Bereich Techno/House anbieten zu dürfen. Der Eintritt ist kostenlos, wer das Gefühl hat das er etwas mitnehmen konnte ist aber gerne eingeladen eine Spende in den Hut zu werfen. Der Workshop richtet sich gleichermaßen an Anfänger […]

Beatproducing Workshop at “Rapgewühl”

This Weekend i´m going to host a Workshop about Beatproduction at an great Event in northern Germany, Rapgewühl. My Topics will be Workflows, Sampling Techniques, History and Production Issues from a more “oldschool” Perspective. Furthermore i will deal with the challenge of how to apply these techniques to todays productionenvironments. As excited as i was […]

Workshop at SAE Hamburg with “Kommt Zusammen” Festival

On thurday, 30th of april i am going to host a Workshop at Studio of the SAE Hamburg. The event is a collaboration with the Electronic-Music festival “Kommt Zusammen” taking place in numerous citys around Germany. The focus is on production of Tech-House and similar Genres. We are going to talk about effects, arrangements, sound-design […]

Objections EP announced

Ladies and Gentleman, i am proud to announce the first official Release with my Tech-House project Metatext, the Objections EP. Its´going to be be released on Vinyl as well as in digital distribution via the new Minoo Records imprint created by the international DJ Me & My Monkey who i had the pleasure working together with in the […]

Plastic Age

When i was asked to be part of this project i immediately felt that it´s going the be a special one. After meeting the very talented visual-artist Oleg Fatkullin it instantly showed the we shared an aesthetic vision and i really liked his sketches for his project Plastic Age. The Main purpose of his work was to show […]

Sound Design Workshop at Hangar 21 Detmold

Even though i wish i could have stayed in LA for joining the AES which started the just the day after GSC, i was highly encouraged to host the seminar on Sound-Design at Hangar21 in Detmold, for i was just filled up with tons of ideas. The workshop is part of a program funded by the european union for […]

Gamesoundcon 2014

Thanks to the nice people at Scorbit i had the opportunity the attend this years GSC at Millenium Biltmore, Los Angeles. Lucky as i was, i won a ticket in their sound-design competition. What was more than a pleasant surprise at first, turned out to be an overwhelming inspiration. Not just that there where amazingly […]