Sound Design Workshop at Hangar 21 Detmold

Even though i wish i could have stayed in LA for joining the AES which started the just the day after GSC, i was highly encouraged to host the seminar on Sound-Design at Hangar21 in Detmold, for i was just filled up with tons of ideas.

The workshop is part of a program funded by the european union for offering young people the opportunity to learn about things that are not taught at school in their vacation, so my special challenge was to actually work with children in the age of twelve to sixteen.

My concept was to use a short animated film, to provide some sounds and record others with them. Even though i was aware of the fact that children nowadays have a closer way of interacting with software and technology, i was not prepared for how fast and good they worked.

All in together we had four days, five hours per day and by the end of the week each of the four groups were able to show off with convincing, some even impressive results.

Despite the satisfaction of having accomplished to gain some interest for sound-design in this children i had some time to get some spontaneous sessions going. Of course i brought some synths, my good friend Colya Goh was so kind to provide his Juno-60 and a camera, to see the result please go to video.