What I do


As a trained musician and experienced producer i provide compositions in a wide field of musical genres.


I take requests for all Aspects of Sound Design, from Recording to Post Production or just Editing.


I am an well-experienced Sound Engineer in the Fields of Recording, Mixing as well as final Mastering


Just as much as i enjoy making music and creating sound, i like to share my knowledge with others.


Since ever i can imagine i loved music. Whenever i would hear a tune that touched me i felt the urgent need to understand what was going on there, to recreate the feeling, inherit that language and make it my own. Subjects changed within times, and so the vocabulary kept continouisly expanding.

Growing up with Hip-Hop, Electronic Music and Reggae gave me a strong Foundation and Expertise in the “urban” Genres. I am at home with chopping Breaks, throwing together Samples and Patterns, programming Synths and yes, i´ve even been seriously into Turntableism. Since that early times i found Disco, Funk and Jazz to be essential to my perception of Music and i did extensive research on influential Writers, Instrumentalists and Producers.

Another tradition got more important to me is the classical music i heard my Grandfather play on the same Piano that i now enjoy playing myself: Bach, Schubert, Chopin and others. Contemporary Composers that inspire me are such as Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds or Nils Frahm, just to Name a few.

In my further studies at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg i had the great Oppurtunity to get deep Insight in Techniques used by the avant-garde Composers such as Ligeti, Stockhausen etc. and follow different musical concepts such as serialism, spectralism etc.

Besides my Efforts in “historic” music i also focus on contemporary Electronics, Techno, House and whatever challenges me at the Moment. Unlike others, i do not really seperate between artistic and commercial Composition, i enjoy the Challenge of mastering a given Task is Art in itself.

Listen to some examples of my work here

Sound Design

While the Art of Sound Design and what it is about stays mysterious to outsiders it might turn into an addiction to people involved in it. As a Person who is in constant search for new ways of creating and altering Sounds and Music there could´t be anything more exciting.

Whether mangling with Librarys, Field Recordings or various Synthesis-Techniques takes a lot of experience and in-depth Knowledge to archive a defined Goal, to make that Sound happen.

Since i took some Years to get into this Topic i am confident to say that i know my tools. From cutting edge Digital Processors to the ancient Modularsynth, obscure Effect Units and dusty Amplifiers there is some serious Weaponry in my Arsenal waiting to get busy.


When Composition and Sound Design are the more creative Aspects of my Work, the technical Sound-Engineerig part is the foundation for it.

Besides taking Studies at SAE Hamburg and Berlin (BA Honours) i took most benefit in working with numerous Bands and Artist, especially by mixing for Live-Events whether for Hardcore Metalbands or Latinjazz -Combos.

Only hearing a lot of Instruments and putting many different Mics to it brings you in the position to make that Eq work fast and safe.

Delivering a proper Mix is about knowing the Anatomics of a given Sound and to handle the Tools neccessary for translating it to the expectation of the Listener – or even beyond.

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As much as i think of personal Research to be essential to the understanding and mastering of any technical or creative Process i think we shall not overestimate our own importance.

Since we all we know origins in the past, we should give something back or hand on what we´ve been given.

Being a teacher gives you the Opportunity to gain different Perspectives expand your own Perception.

After being asked to host Workshops for small Groups in my Studio, i now moved on to giving Lectures on various related Topics at different Occasions and Institutions, for specific Dates and Locations visit the Blog.